Tune-Up for Fall Goals

September 09, 2016 Posted By: Mizuno USA

By: Mizuno Race Team Member, Maegan Krifchin


No matter what season we are in, a tune up will fit into your schedule. What exactly is a tune up?  A tune up can help jump start or kick off a racing season.  It can also be a fitness tester and race simulator for the goal race.  A tune up can be placed into your schedule after a break from running or within your build up to a particular race.

After a break you might feel a little flat or stale in your training.  It can be hard getting back to your previous fitness level or beyond, and sometimes it can be a little frustrating.  A tune up is a great way to help sharpen yourself up.  It allows you to freshen up, as you sort of force yourself to cut back on training to prepare for race day.  Also, it mixes up your training and gets you excited to race!  Sometimes we end up with a good surprise, with a great race result, feeling better than you thought, and perhaps fitter than you felt.  This helps build your confidence for the rest of your season and training following the race.  On the flip side, sometimes the results aren’t that great.  But that does not mean to get give up and get even more frustrated.  This is just helpful data.  You get to take your result, look it over, learn and adjust training as needed.  It’s a win, win.  So don’t be scared of racing or tuning up when you’re not feeling super fit or race ready.

Take-away message here; use a tune up race to sharpen up, test yourself and as valuable data to assist your fitness for the rest of the season.

In the build up before a big race, a tune up is a great opportunity for race day prep, race day/weekend simulation.  Similar to tuning up after a break, we can use the tune-up to test fitness, sharpen, and collect data.  But most importantly, it’s for race simulation.  You get a sense of the feelings during a race, the pre-race nerves, and jitters and executing your race plan.  This is your practice for your big day.  Practice everything you need on this day, what you’ll eat and drink before and during race, what you’ll be wearing as in clothes and shoes, and your warm up routine.  Take away– use


Take-away message here; use tune up as race simulation, it’s your practice day.


A tune up is a great tool to implement into your season.  You can learn a lot from a race.  Whatever the result it, remember to use to race as data to help you improve your fitness for later on in the season.




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