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June 21, 2016 Posted By: Barbara Mitchell


Summer is here and there are plenty of destinations waiting to for you to run, train or race.  Travel for work or race has it’s pros and cons, but either way you still want to keep up your routine and make sure you get to your destination comfortably.  Dylan Wykes has done his fair share of travel for races and training in his day. Here are a few tips to beat the travels woes and get the most out of your training.

Stay hydrated: Dylan’s first big trip to Race in Europe was for the 2001 World XC champs in Ireland. Free beer on a transatlantic flight was a novelty so he guzzled back several. Not ideal for performance. Stick to the h2o and maybe some electrolyte tabs. Bring you’re own bottle and have it filled often.

Move around: Especially on a long haul flight it’s important to move. Walk up and down the aisle, stretch a little, be that weird person hanging out by the washroom. Aisle seat or exit row is great and will give you some extra room to wiggle your toes. You will also be able to get up without having to stick your butt in your neighbours face to get into the aisle.

Compression:  Compression gear comes in a variety of ways. From calf sleeves to full tights. Tights can get a little hot and be uncomfortable, so give compression socks a try. These will help with blood flow and circulation for the duration of your long flight. *If you’re travelling to a race, best tip: pack your race day shoes and outfit on your carry on luggage. If your luggage gets lost, you will in the very least be covered for the big day! 

Author: Dylan Wykes – Follow him @Mile2Marathon on facebook for more coaching tips. 


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