Top 5 Hot Weather Running Tips

June 10, 2016 Posted By: Mizuno USA

Guest Post By: BackatSquare0

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Running in Charleston, South Carolina is always brutal during the summer.  The heat is never ending and the humidity makes it feel like you are trying to push through the thick, hot air.  Step out your door and you are instantly dripping with sweat.  However, I started my running life here, so as miserable as it might be it is all I know.  This year is different though – I am not just running for fun, I am training to get myself back in shape and build up my mileage so that I will be ready for the NYC Marathon.  That means this summer I am stepping it up and pushing harder than I usually do in these hot and humid months so that I will be fully prepared for New York this fall.  As I work on pushing myself into the best shape I can be in, it is still important that I stay smart about running in the heat and humidity, because 20 milers in 90+ degrees at 6am are no joke.  So, today I wanted to share with you some of my best tips for running through these hot and humid months.

Top 5 Hot Weather Running Tips:
1. Timing – Get up and get your run in early in order to avoid the hottest parts of the day.  (This is when that snooze button is your worst enemy!)  If you are unable to get your run done early consider waiting until after sunset or even hitting the treadmill if it is an especially brutal day.

2. Hydrate – When it is this hot and humid outside it isn’t enough just to hydrate before and after a run.  You really need to BYOWater.  Whether you select a handheld, belt, or pack, be sure to find something that works for you.  I personally have the CamelBak Dart Hydration Pack because I prefer running with my hands free so handhelds don’t work and belts bounce around too much on my hips.  I have had my Dart for over 3 years now and been super happy with it.

3. Add in a Little Something-something – When it is extremely hot and humid outside you body needs more than just water to rehydrate properly.  It needs an electrolyte drink to replace what you have lost.  My absolute favorite is Nuun Energy Cherry Limeade.  These delicious little drop in tabs are not only delicious, they contain the electrolytes you need, plus a boost of caffeine to give you a bit of extra energy.  Drop a few in your handheld, belt, or pack before you head out the door, and use them to rehydrate with post run.

4. Dress Appropriately – It is essential to have nice cool gear on hot and humid days.  No more long sleeves and tights.  It is time to invest in some great tank tops and running shorts.  I have huge issues finding shorts that don’t slide up, or aren’t so short my legs chub rub together and I would highly suggest any of Mizuno’s Mid Tights (Zephyr, or Featherweight which hit on the lower thigh) as these are the first shorts I have found that I can actually run in because they stay perfectly in place.  Pair them with the Serenity Sleeveless which is the most lightweight tank I have ever owned with amazing mesh panels that add not only style, but also tons of air flow.

5. Sunscreen – Even on days it is cloudy you can still burn so be sure to cover yourself in sunscreen every day before your run.  With the fabulous invention of spray sunscreen this doesn’t have to take more than a few seconds before you head out the door and it is an amazing way to take care of your body.

What are your top tips/tricks for running in the heat and humidity?



abby-150x150Abby is a formerly overweight couch potato who started running to get healthier and was shocked when she fell in love with the sport, the feeling, the people, all of it.  She talks to strangers on race courses, runs to the side to high five cute kids, and is the person who sticks her entire hand into the community candy bowl at mile 20 of the marathon course.  Abby blogs about her journey to live healthier, become a better runner, and lose the weight at BackatSquareZero.  Also, find her on Twitter(and Instagram) as @BackatSquare0.


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