The Power of the Wave: How a Small Gesture Goes a Long Way

April 26, 2016 Posted By: Mizuno USA

At Mizuno, we believe that a simple wave of the hand exemplifies the unique bond between runners. Every runner should have a reason (or multiple reasons) to wave – whether you’re shy or outgoing, short or tall, fast or getting faster. It’s our belief that when everyone waves, everyone feels encouraged and welcome.

With that said, how many people actually wave — and why do they do it?

These are the questions Mizuno sought to answer in order to understand the waving habits of the running world. As part of Mizuno’s ongoing “Wave” campaign, we conducted a national survey of 1,000 runners ages 18 and older to figure out just how they acknowledge one another out on the track, trail or road.

As it turns out, 89 percent of runners do acknowledge each other in some way. And though not all of them wave, many of them do. Twenty-nine percent of all runners surveyed said that they do, in fact, wave to one another. That means that more than one out of four runners throws up a hand to acknowledge his/her fellow athlete.

And they do so with good reason.

Thirty percent of runners surveyed stated that, when they do wave, it’s because they want to be friendly. Another 29 percent of runners said that they do so to be polite. In general, most runners consider waving an amiable thing to do. Not only that – it makes them feel good, too. Thirty-two percent of runners said waving makes them feel happy, 24 percent said waving encourages them and 23 percent said waving makes them feel like part of a community. All-in-all, 79 percent of runners had positive feelings about the act of waving.

So, if you’ve ever wondered whether you should wave to your fellow runner while out and about, the answer is clear. One wave can make the world just a little better – and each runner has the power to make it happen.

Keep on waving!


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