Running On Waves

June 26, 2013 Posted By: Clara Grandt

I love my Mizunos. It was about three years ago when I wore my first pair of Mizunos, and since then, my shoe rack has been filled with the fun and bright colors of Mizuno trainers and racing shoes that could only be outshined by my husband, Jason’s, shoe rack of Mizunos, because he wears bigger shoes than me. As runners, our shoes are the most essential pair of equipment, and runners usually become very keen to what shoes work best for them and will get them through each step of their training run with the smoothest landing and most powerful push off.

Just a few weeks ago, I ran the Tamarack Ottawa Marathon and finished with a solid performance of 2:33 and 9th overall after over a year away from the marathon. Running a marathon includes many weeks and months of preparation, and in my build up, I wore a number of different Mizuno trainers. However, I naturally started going for a particular pair when I felt like it was going to be a special run or I wanted to add a little extra boost to my stride.

Unlike some runners, I don’t rotate my shoes in any particular order because some days I feel like wearing a pair that might not be that day’s pair of shoes, so I pay attention to the wear, but I might wear one pair out before another. I’ll admit, sometimes it’s because I like to match my shoes to my running outfit, but that’s just the girliness coming out in me.

Long runs are my favorite run of the week and I started realizing that, no matter what color my outfit was, I was choosing to wear a certain pair of trainers. That pair is the Mizuno Wave Precision 13. They are a lightweight trainer and a neutral fit. I love that they have enough support to wear regularly on long runs, but are light enough to feel like you’ve got a little extra spring in your step for a workout. The mesh-like fabric is breathable and flexible, and of course, they come in awesome colors. My current favorite pair is purple and blue.

I enjoy running in other models of Mizuno shoes, like the Wave Rider, Wave Enigma, and Wave Ronin, but the Precisions are on the top of my list right now. These are the shoes that I do my “brilliant runs” in- the runs were you feel weightless and your legs are just flowing and carrying you along underneath… as if on a wave. I found my favorite Wave to run on, and I encourage all runners to search for the wave that fits them!



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