April 27, 2016 Posted By: Mizuno USA

By: Mizuno Race Team Member Mike Aish

I’ll be honest with you; I really hate this time of year.

Last night we got hit with 20+ inches of snow and it’s April. Before that it feels like I only really got a handful of days on the trails after they dried out from the last storm that hit. It seems like every few weeks we get the mother of all storms. Even though the sun comes out in-between, the trails end up being all packed out with snow and ice or even worse, that sticky mud than adds another 4 inches of height to your already heavy shoes.


Training has been alright. I’ve been getting out and putting in some good stuff, but I’m still feeling pain in my lower back and hip that I just can’t seem to get rid of. It’s been nagging at me and getting me down, so in an effort to lighten my mood I hitched a ride with a few mates that were heading to Moab for the weekend.


Moab is an interesting place. It was my first real visit (besides a midnight drive-by on my way to the Grand Canyon a few years back) and it’s truly an amazing place to see. I think the best part of the place is just how many people are out and about getting their “outdoors” on.

The footing in Moab is mostly slick rock and really fine red sand, which is not too bad on its’ own, but when you add in about a thousand people with their dirt bikes and jacked up jeeps, it becomes hard work as you try and weave between them. I still managed to get in a few good runs despite it all! I wasn’t going that fast, but had a load of fun trying to find my way trying not get run over at the same time.


I think the best part of running in the Moab area is that the weekend warrior in his pimped out 4×4 Razor saw me on the roads and trails and thought I was some kind of wild man. Just about everyone that passed me along the way gave me the thumbs up or yelled out how amazing I was for being out there with just a pair of shorts and a dirty pair of Mizuno shoes. Little did they know that I’d been running around in circles for the past hour and was just trying to find the car, but who was I to try and change their minds as they come upon this idiot lost out in the desert…



Michael Aish is a former New Zealand Olympian, 2000-10,000/2004-5,000m, and current ultra marathoner for the Mizuno Race Team.  With PR’s of 13:22 for 5K and 27:46 for 10K, Michael has been tearing up the ultra scene for the last few years, with his most notable performance being a 2nd place finish in the 2014 Leadville 100. 



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