RUNNER’S RAMBLINGS : Everything is Better when the Sun Comes Out

May 24, 2016 Posted By: Mizuno USA

By: Mizuno Race Team Member Mike Aish

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was down and out, feeling sorry for myself, thinking about calling it quits and looking for a new job. One month later the sun has come out, I’m super excited about a new challenge I have set for myself this year and life couldn’t be any better.

A few weeks ago we finally worked out what was the root of the pain I was feeling in my lower back and it seems that just like that it’s gone and hopefully never to return. From that point I’ve been able to get in some great training and get up in to the hills a lot more. I think that the sun on your back and the feeling that your slowly working at getting fitter, and seeing small results each week, makes it that much easier to get out the door each day.

Aish - Sun

This past weekend I had my first real race of the season, The Quad Rock 25 mile. It’s held up in Fort Collins, CO and is a great way to start off things for the year. The weather ended up being cool and overcast with a little rain, which besides a some mud, made for great racing conditions.

I started out with the lead pack, but within the first mile things thinned out – down to just me and one other runner. You could tell by his stride and the fact that he was wearing super short racing shorts that he was going to take some work to beat.

As things went on, I was able to break away and because of all the low lying clouds, I never saw him again – that was until about a mile to go.

With the race being 25 miles and me being able to slip away at about the 5 mile mark, it was easy to switch to autopilot and just forget I was in a race. The trails in Fort Collins are magic and because the 50 mile race had started a few hours earlier, by the time I had got to around at mile 18, I was already starting to see the lead runners coming back at me.

I think that because I was daydreaming, I started to slow without even knowing it. I started cheering on some of the runners and stepping off the trail for them to pass. In short, I started to forget why I was out there. That was until about mile 24. I had just stepped aside to let a few runners get by me and I was lucky enough to notice the guy in the short shorts powering along the trail about 100m behind me. He was moving well and looked strong. As much as I’d like to say I wasn’t worried, I just can’t. I started to panic. I’d dropped the ball and it was looking like I was going to pay for it. Lucky for me the last mile of the race is all down hill and I was feeling pretty good. I managed to hold on for the win and even put a little extra time between us.

All in all, I was super happy to win and even more so that I had been pain free the whole day. Lets hope I can keep this momentum going for the rest of the summer.


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Michael Aish is a former New Zealand Olympian, 2000-10,000/2004-5,000m, and current ultra marathoner for the Mizuno Race Team.  With PR’s of 13:22 for 5K and 27:46 for 10K, Michael has been tearing up the ultra scene for the last few years, with his most notable performance being a 2nd place finish in the 2014 Leadville 100. 


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