How to Take EPIC Run Photos

August 31, 2016 Posted By: Jennifer Rawson

I remember when I first started following runners on Instagram. I saw these amazing pictures of them running and I thought how do they do that? Do they have a photographer follow them everywhere?

Now, if you take a look at my Instagram, I’m one of those people with multiple running photos.  And I get asked all the time how I get the photos. So I’m willing to share my tips.

99% of the time, I run solo and that means I need to figure out a way to take pictures of myself because, if I don’t post a picture of me running to Instagram, did it even happen?


It took some trials and different apps until I figured out what worked for me.


I take all my running photos with my iPhone. I don’t carry a tripod or any fancy gear with me, that means I have to find something to prop my phone up with. I use whatever I can find available. Usually, it’s a park bench, tree trunk, my hydration pack or I pull my phone out of its case and rest it on that.


I’m sure there are many apps out there with interval timers but Camera Awesome is the one that I use.

The app has an interval timer that I set to take a photo every 1 second. So after I’ve set up my phone in the right spot, I put on this app and then it’s time to run. I literally run back and forth in front of my phone multiple times to capture the right shot. Yes, I probably look ridiculous. Sometimes if I’m embarrassed by other people being around I pretend I’m running intervals back and forth, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t fooled.


Occasionally, I don’t know how far back to step from my phone and I cut off my head. That’s okay, I call that an artsy photo.


Of course, you could use your front camera to avoid the head cut off problem, but I find the quality isn’t as good so I don’t like to.


The same photo running by the camera can get boring so I like to change it up. I vary the angle that I take the picture from. Running head on vs running away vs running beside the camera all offer unique views.

I also like to vary the pose. It doesn’t always have to be running. A picture of stretching, a close up of your shoes or something else running related can be equally interesting.





To make your running photos extra epic, the two biggest factors you can use to your advantage are background and lighting. Having a great background like a city skyline, an interesting bridge, beautiful beach, etc. can make all the difference. Also, consider the time of day that you run. Sunrise and sunset photos are always beautiful.


And for my last tip – fake the run. When I run, I don’t look like a gazelle. I look more like I’m slow shuffling, so when it comes time to take the photo, you’ve got to fake the run. Take large steps, pump your arms and even consider a jump. Trust me, it looks a lot better.



Start shooting some amazing run pics and share them with Mizuno using #sharemymizuno and tag @MizunoRunCanada. 

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