Peachtree Road Race- Race Day Essentials

June 28, 2016 Posted By: Mizuno USA

Guest Post By: BackatSquare0



Last year was my first time running the Peachtree Road Race (which was amazing by the way) and I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect, or what to bring.  I want to help save you that worry by letting you know exactly what Peachtree Road  Race, race day essentials I used in order to help me have a wonderful race and an overall pleasant experience.


First off, the running gear:


  •  Hat/visor – Be sure to toss on a hat or visor not only to protect you from the hot July sun, but also to help keep the sweat from rolling into your eyes.  On top of that, if an unexpected shower comes rolling in you’ll be prepared.
  •  Tamayu Tank – Last year I ran in the Tamayu tank which is light weight with a long, flattering cut.  It is currently being sold in red and blue, along with a Limited Edition AJC Peachtree Road Race version – perfect for a 4th of July race.
  •  Featherweight Mid-Tight or short-tight – These are my absolute favorite shorts and I wear them for all my summer runs and races.  I love them because no matter how fast, how far, or how crazy my run is they always stay perfectly in place.  They never ride up and I have never had any problems with chaffing.
  • Wave Rider 19- When going for a big race goal you need the perfect shoe and the Wave Rider 19 was just that for me.  Light weight enough to help me break the time I wanted, but with enough cushion that my entire run felt good. Did I mentioned that Mizuno also has this snazzy limited edition Wave Rider 19 in stores now? It’s THE perfect Peachtree Road Race shoe!



  • Moisture wicking socks, sports bra, and underwear – Trust me on this.  I know it costs a bit more for the good stuff, but when you are running a 10K in July it is worth the extra money.
  • Commemorative Race tee – great for lounging in as you recover from the race, and the perfect way to remember a memorable 4th of July in Atlanta!  With tons of graphic options all available at the expo, these are a definite must-have souvenir



Next, the racing extras:
- a GPS watch – If you are going for a big race goal it is important to have a way to track your progress.  Having a GPS watch can not only help with your training, but it also keeps you on track on race morning.  (Watch it at the beginning so you don’t get caught up in the hype and go out too fast.)

- music – If music inspires you I suggest creating a killer playlist to help you rock your way through the course and to power that climb up hospital hill.  Having a nice beat can help keep you bopping along.

- correct nutrition – Do not go too carb crazy pre-race as your body really does not need to carbo-load for a 10K.  Instead focus on having a good breakfast that is a mix of carbs and protein.  My winner last year- half a bagel with a huge smear of almond butter and coffee (because when it is that early I need coffee too). 


Finally, the finish line essentials:
ID – When running a such a large race it is a good idea to carry ID with you because you never know when you could need it, better safe than sorry right?  Have your driver’s license on you before, during, and after the race.

Some Cash – Yes, almost everywhere takes credit card now, but what if you run into a situation where you need cash and you don’t have it – You don’t want to be out of luck!  Toss a twenty dollar bill in with your driver’s license in order to be prepared.

Credit Card – You never know when you might suddenly need money – for food after the race, that piece of gear you decided you cannot live without, to pay for a different mode of transportation home, etc.  No matter what you may need funds for, it is important not to be stuck without a way to pay.  Be sure to tuck a credit card in with your ID and that twenty dollar bill in case any larger expenses arise.

MARTA Card/Car Key – When you are running Peachtree logistics mean that you have to park away from the finish line, be sure to have your car key on you securely so it will not come loose during the race.  And, if you will be using public transport to get back to you car/hotel be sure that you have purchased a MARTA card/pass in advance (not the morning of) and that you know exactly where to get on and off the public transport before and after the race.

Hotel Key Card – If you are an out of towner (like I was last year) then you are also going to want to make sure you head out for your race with your hotel key card on you.  That way, when the race is over and you head back to your home away from home for that post race shower, you won’t have any problems getting in.

Phone – Finally, not only could most of us not live without our phones, but it is a crucial piece of race gear.  It not only allows you to stay in contact with others, but it also becomes you best friend when trying to navigate around a large city like Atlanta/Buckhead.  Google Maps has saved my life more than I care to admit.




abby-150x150Abby is a formerly overweight couch potato who started running to get healthier and was shocked when she fell in love with the sport, the feeling, the people, all of it.  She talks to strangers on race courses, runs to the side to high five cute kids, and is the person who sticks her entire hand into the community candy bowl at mile 20 of the marathon course.  Abby blogs about her journey to live healthier, become a better runner, and lose the weight at BackatSquareZero.  Also, find her on Twitter(and Instagram) as @BackatSquare0.


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