Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review

April 10, 2016 Posted By: Barbara Mitchell

Full Disclosure: I did receive these shoes for free as part of my ambassadorship with Mizuno. I am choosing to write a review because they are a product that I love and want to share.

Ever since I started running, I’ve been a fan of Mizuno shoes. Every time the next version of the Wave Inspires come out, I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Which means I’ve built up an extensive collection of these shoes.


One thing I’ve always disliked about needing a support shoe is the shoe options are more limited compared to neutral shoes. There are a lot of benefits to switching up your shoes for different workouts but I wasn’t able to find the right shoe for me so I stuck with the same shoe for all workouts. That is until now when Mizuno came out with the Wave Catalyst.


The catalyst is the perfect pair of speed shoes that still provide support. They feel remarkably similar to the Wave Inspires but lighter and more flexible. Truthfully, I don’t know a lot about the specifics of shoes. I can’t talk about heel drop, toe boxes, mesh lining, etc. (though I do recommend this post by Michelle The Runner on heel drop). I just go by what feels good on my feet and on the road. And these shoes feel amazing. Plus, I love the look of them. I know we shouldn’t choose running shoes based on style or colour but the design and bright colours of the Catalyst definitely won my heart from the moment I saw them.

IMG_0458 (1)

The catalysts are in a way a reboot of an old favourite shoe from Mizuno called the Elixir, but they are not exactly the same. For full details on the differences check out this explanation from the “Mizuno Shoe Guy“.

Given how much I love these shoes, I’m not at all surprised that they got a Runners World Award for the Best Debut shoe. And I have no doubt that I’m going to need a second shelf in my closet for my collection of Wave Catalyst.




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