Mizuno Shoe Guy Answers Your Footwear Questions – April 2014

April 01, 2014 Posted By: Bob "Wish" Wischnia

Do you have a shoe-related question? Or a running shoe question, specific to Mizuno for the Mizuno Shoe Guy? If you have a question you’d like him to answer, send it to Shoeguy@Mizunousa.com. (Include your address.) If we pick your question for the Mizuno Shoe Guy to answer, we’ll send you a beautiful Mizuno DryScience T-shirt.

Best shoe to relieve ITB?

Q: I’m 29 years old and usually run about 20 miles per week. I have had illiotibial band syndrome (ITBS) in the past and am prone to it. Since I don’t want it come back, would you advise a support shoe or a neutral cushioned shoe? I have been wearing the Nike Vomero and it doesn’t seem to help. I’ve been looking at both the Wave Inspire and Wave Enigma and can’t decide which one would be better. Which would you recommend? Ruchi Warti, Germantown, Maryland

A: Ruchi, it’s likely you need to go with a support shoe. ITBS can be caused by a variety of factors, but the most common culprit is lack of support which can certainly lead to excesivetoo much foot rotation/toque (i.e., overpronation). I doubt the Vomero offers you enough support which could lead you back down the road ITBS. You will probably do better in a highly supportive such as the Wave Inspire 10 which is also light and flexible.

Returning to running

Q: Hi Shoe Guy. I’ve been injured for several months and wore my running shoes for other activities and everyday use. I definitely didn’t wear them for more than 100 miles walking around while injured, but now that I’m returning to running, should I get a new pair of Wave Riders? Kendyl Williams, Murrieta, Georgia

A: Probably not. Although wearing running shoes for walking and other activities will contribute to the wear of the shoe, you should have plenty of midsole cushioning and outsole wear left in your Wave Riders. However, when you start running again, if you feel the Riders lack cushioning, you might have placed more wear on them than you initially thought and it might be time to get a new pair.

Alchemy replacement

Q: I have worn the Wave Alchemy for several years and loved its support and cushioning. I bought numerous pair and have gone through all of them. Now, I can’t find the Alchemy’s anymore. What gives? Mizuno shoes work so well for me and I don’t want to switch to another brand. Doug James, Alexandria, Virginia

A: I couldn’t agree more: The Alchemy was an extremely supportive shoe which I liked a lot too. But, we replaced the Alchemy in January with the Wave Paradox which is a much better, more modern shoe than the Alchemy. The Paradox offers the same level of support as the Alchemy did, but it is much lighter, has better cushioning, more comfortable and has a much smoother ride. When I switched to Paradox, I completely forgot all about the Alchemy. I’m betting you will too.

Precision fan

Q: When I started running last year, I picked up a pair of the Wave Precision and it made all the difference in the world how I felt while running. I loved these shoes. Now I can’t find them anymore. What should I do? Dana Huber, Seymour, Indiana

A: The Precision was a terrific lightweight trainer that had a sizable following, but we discontinued the Precision last summer because we had two replacement shoes that are—quite frankly—better. The Wave Inspire 17 is lighter and hassuperior cushioning than the Precision had, while still retaining that smooth ride. The other alternative is the Wave Sayonara which is also lighter, but slightly more supportive than the Precision (or Wave Rider). Both shoes work great for neutral runners who liked the Precision. Try them both on and go with the one which fits and feels the best.


Q: I have been running in the Wave Sayonara and totally love them. In fact, they are responsible for my marathon PR (2:58) and half marathon best (1:21) in the past few months. But, I want to get another Mizuno with a little more cushioning for slower recovery runs. I love the feel of the Sayonara and don’t want to try on a zillion shoes if there’s another shoe out there with similar fit and feel. What would you suggest? Walter Smith, Austin, Texas

A: First off, major props on the personal records. Even though the Sayonara is a very good lightweight shoe, the shoes aren’t responsible for great times. You are. Shoes help, but you’re the engine, not the shoes. Anyway, I would agree wearing a different, better cushioned shoe for slower recovery runs makes sense. I would suggest trying two: The Wave Rider 17 or the Wave Enigma. Both are better cushioned than the Sayonara and would offer a good change of pace. Both the Rider and Enigma are neutral cushioned, but the Rider is the lighter of the two. The Enigma is a bit different. It’s heavier than either the Rider or the Sayonara, but has the most cushioning of the three shoes. Even so, my guess is you’d be best off in the Rider because of its superior ride.


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