Mizuno Shoe Guy Answers Your Footwear Question, October 2013

October 30, 2013 Posted By: Bob "Wish" Wischnia

Do you have a shoe-related question for the Mizuno Shoe Guy? Or a running shoe question, specific to Mizuno? If you have a question you’d like him to answer, send it to Shoeguy@Mizunousa.com. (Please include your address.) He’ll pick five questions a month to answer and if he picks your question, we’ll send you a beautiful Mizuno tech T-shirt.

Cursoris Fan Wants To Add Light Trainer

Q: Hi Mr. Shoe Guy. I’ve been running in the Evo Cursoris for several months and think it’s a great shoe. With its lightness and zero heel-to-toe drop, the Cursoris is perfect for my recovery runs and shorter track workouts, but I don’t find it substantial enough for my long runs. Since I love your brand, I want to stick with a light Mizuno for my long runs. Which shoe would you recommend?Chris Tilden, Lawrence, Kansas

A: Chris, I agree with you that the Cursoris is terrific for shorter workouts. Although some runners have also found it works fine for long runs, I definitelyh recommend you try the Wave Sayonara which came out in July. The Sayonara isn’t quite as light as the Cursoris, but at 8.1 ounces (for size 9) it is one of the lightest, most responsive trainers on the market. Plus, it has plenty of cushioning to get you through your long runs and/or marathons. One of the best lightweight trainers on the market.

Inspire 10 Support?

Q: I have worn the Wave Inspire for many years, but have had to abandon the most recent models ( Inspire 7, 8 and 9) because all three seemed to offer less support than I need. I realize Mizuno is bringing out the Inspire 10 and I’m wondering whether it will be more supportive than recent models. Will it?  S. Lambert, Winnpeg, Manitoba

A: Absolutely. The new Wave Inspire will be out December 1st and this beautifully designed support shoe will be much  more supportive than the Inspire 9. According to our test results, the Inspire 10 will be 27 percent more stable than the Inspire 9 with a new support last and its new Fan Wave configuration. But that’s not at all. The Inspire 10 will also be substantially lighter than the 9 and it will also have a cushier ride. With internal midfoot and forefoot straps, the Inspire 10 will secure the foot even better.

Alchemy’s Future

Q: I’m a big guy (6-1, 255 pounds) who overpronates and needs plenty of support and protection. I’ve been wearing the Wave Alchemy for five years and it has worked well for me. But when I went to my local running store, the sales associate told me Mizuno is discontinuing the Alchemy but plans to have a replacement for it. Can you confirm this and if it is true, can you tell me a little about the new shoe and when it will come out? Michael Schwendinger, Eagan, Minnesota

A: That is correct. The Wave Alchemy is being discontinued and it will be replaced in January by the new Wave Paradox. The Alchemy is still available in the Mizuno line through December. But, the Paradox is not a direct replacement for the Alchemy. The support of the two shoes is approximately the same, but the Paradox will have 20 percent more cushioning, a smoother ride and be much lighter.  Like the Alchemy, the Paradox will have an exceptionally stable base of support which will be ideal for overpronators and orthotic wearers. Simply, the Wave Paradox will be a much better maximum support shoe than the Alchemy ever was. We’re very proud of the Paradox and can’t wait for it to come out.

New Nirvana?

Q: I love my Nirvanas and anxious for the new model to come out. Can you tell me when that is and if there are any changes to it? Jamie Wallace, Gallatin, Tennessee

A: Jamie, I hate to break the news to you, but the Wave Nirvana was discontinued several months ago and there won’t be any new models. But, don’t despair. We have a brand new shoe coming out in January—the Wave Paradox, see above question for specifics—which is going to be a flat out better shoe than the Nirvana ever was. I can’t imagine any Nirvana wearers who loved its support and fit, not loving the Paradox even more.

Lightweight Cushioning

Q: I have worn a lot of different shoes over the years. Currently, I am wearing the Asics Nimbus which has OK cushioning, but it’s very heavy. I’d like to find a similar neutral, cushioned shoe which is lighter and more flexible. I have heard amazing things from my running friends about the Wave Rider so I tried it on at my local running store and loved it. I’ve had excellent experiences with Mizuno shoes in the past, but I’ve never worn the Wave Rider. Is the Rider lighter than the Nimbus and would it be a good shoe for me? Nicholas Hazell, Pasadena, California

A: In a word, yes. The Wave Rider 16 is about an ounce lighter than the Nimbus and the new Wave Rider 17 (out in December) will be even lighter than that. The Rider has been one of the best neutral, cushioned shoes on the market for 17 years and it has a superb quick, responsive ride. If you are looking for a light, cushy, flexible ride, the Wave Rider is the shoe for you.


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