Tuesday Tips: Fuelling

August 16, 2016 Posted By: Barbara Mitchell


You could just throw water at your face like I’m sure you see all the time, or you could try to do things right. Fuelling is an aspect of marathon training that is often undervalued. The human body only has the ability to store glycogen for about 2 hours of optimal aerobic activity. That glycogen is essential energy to keep the blood pumping and muscles working at an optimal rate.

You need to think about consuming carbohydrates during running to have a successful race. Our best advice with fuelling is always practice makes perfect. If you don’t already have a gel or energy chew that you like, go to your local running store and pick-up a variety of brands and flavours. Try them out over several long runs to see which you like the taste of and which your stomach tolerates the best.

Then your goal should be to optimize how much you consume. In the buildup to the London 2012 Olympics I trained my body to consume almost 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour. That is the equivalent of 2-3 energy gels per hour.

How do you know what your limit is? Your GI system will tell you. If you tolerate taking 1 gel per hour, on your next run try two. If that goes well, try three….You see the pattern. There is no one formula that can be applied to everyone. It’s very individualized.

This is why practice makes perfect!


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Dylan Wykes Bio: I live and train in beautiful Vancouver, BC with my lovely and supportive family by my side. Canadian Olympian (London 2012 – 20th place)

3rd fastest marathon ever in Canadian history (2:10:47)
Multiple time National Champion in track and road racing

Head Coach of Mile2Marathon Coaching 

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