5 Things to Consider When Training for a Fall Marathon

August 24, 2016 Posted By: Mizuno USA

Guest Post By: BackAtSquare0


There are lots of factors to consider when you start training for a fall marathon.  Be sure to take these 5 items into account when you begin your training.

1. The Team – Will you go it alone, run with a friend, or join a local team/group?  Most of this depends not only on what you want, but also on your schedule.  Look into local running clubs and training programs and see when and where they meet up.  Talk to your running buddies and figure out if you could make it work to meet up a few times a week and hold each other accountable.  Some choose to go it alone as it just works out better in their schedule that way (this is what I am doing for NYC). 

2. The Plan – Where will your actual training plan come from?  If you are running with a group or a team do they provide the whole training plan?  Is it tailored enough to meet your goals?  If you need to come up with your own plan think about having a certified running coach help you put one together.  Most coaches are cheaper than you think and they can help create a plan that fits your ability and goals much better than something you find on the internet.

3. The Course – What is the course like?  There is a big difference between training for a perfectly flat marathon course and one that is loaded with hills.  Take into account the elevation profile of the course and prepare for it.  This might mean weekly hill work and adding inclines to your long runs.

4. The Race Itself – Look at the race logistics and how they might impact you. For example at the NYC marathon the first wave starts at 9:50 and the last goes off at 11:00.  If you are used to doing every long run at 6:00 am and suddenly have an 11:00 start time this is a big difference.  Prepare for this by waking up early (as you would have to before a big marathon), eating a healthy breakfast that will fuel you, but not upset your stomach, and then waiting until 11:00 to start your long run.

5. The Gear – Try out your exact marathon outfit and all your gear on at least one, if not two, long runs.  Everything from your shoes and socks, to your undergarments, layers, fuel, etc.  It is important to find out before the race if something is not working.  Nobody wants to throw on a brand new pair of tights only to realize at mile 8 of the marathon that they did not apply enough Body Glide.  Test everything in advance.



abby-150x150Abby is a formerly overweight couch potato who started running to get healthier and was shocked when she fell in love with the sport, the feeling, the people, all of it.  She talks to strangers on race courses, runs to the side to high five cute kids, and is the person who sticks her entire hand into the community candy bowl at mile 20 of the marathon course.  Abby blogs about her journey to live healthier, become a better runner, and lose the weight at BackatSquareZero.  Also, find her on Twitter(and Instagram) as @BackatSquare0.


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